Call me cheesy, but I’m a firm believer in the idea that “being country” is less about where you were born or where you live and more about how you live and where your heart lies. As a child, I wasn’t raised in a “country” environment. I was a little suburban kid growing up in a housing tract in Southern California. I had a BB gun and a recurve bow that I would play around with while wearing my Davey Crockett coonskin cap. But, for the most part, things like camping, fishing and horseback riding, while encouraged, were always more along the lines of fun vacation activities rather than a regular occurrence.

In my early to mid-twenties, I was drawn to city-life. I started a job in advertising, bought a roadster and was working my way to that penthouse apartment in the middle of downtown. I was originally the guy who would laugh at the idea of living in a small town and make fun of those “silly predictable country songs.” I was the last person anyone would’ve expected to don a wide-brimmed hat and a pearl button shirt. However, due to a series of circumstances I started reassessing my life and doing a lot of growing up. I started examining what was important to me and as part of that, I found myself enjoying different activities more and relating to a very different genre of music.

That brings us to the present day… and a new me. While I’ve made my attempts to leave this city, I’ve realized that, at least for now, God wants to keep me here in Los Angeles. So, while I’m here, I’m gonna find a way to live the lifestyle I want in a less than encouraging environment. Hell, as Brantley Gilbert says, “country must be country wide”…  So why don’t y’all join me on my adventures trying to find a little fly-over state spirit in this concrete jungle.

Basic Stats

  • NAME: Sam

  • BIRTHDATE: February 8

  • HOMETOWN: Seal Beach, CA

  • CURRENT TOWN: Red Bluff, CA

  • DAY JOB: Digital Product Manager for a Music Promoter

  • POLITICS: Conservative-Leaning Libertarian

  • PETS: Two Dogs: Dinah & Whiskey

  • CAR: '17 Chevrolet Silverado

  • DIRTY SECRET: I'm a huge nerd. I love to play Dungeons & Dragons, read fantasy novels and watch Doctor Who.

My Favorites


  • BEER: Shiner Bock

  • PISTOL: Springfield Armory Mil-Spec 1911

  • RIFLE: 1939 Springfield Armory M1 Garand

  • LINE DANCE: Redneck Angel

  • QUOTE:Despite our ever-changing, ever-indignant world with its growing ignorance of and indifference to the ways of the wild, I remain a predator, pitying those who revel in artificiality and synthetic success while regarding me and my kind as relics of a time and place no longer valued or understood. I stalk a real world of dark wood and tall grass stirred by a restless wind blowing across sunlit water and beneath star-strewn sky. And on those occasions when I choose to kill, to claim some small part of nature’s bounty for my own, I do so by choice, quickly with the learned efficiency of a skilled hunter. Further, in my heart and mind, I know the truth and make no apologies for my actions or my place in time. Others around me may opt to eat only plants, nuts and fruits. Still others may employ faceless strangers to procure their meats, their leather, their feathers, and all those niceties and necessities of life. Such is their right, of course, and I wish them well. All I ask in return is no one begrudge me – and all of us who may answer the primordial stirrings within our hunter’s souls – my right to do some of these things myself.” – M.R. James

Current Gear

Tent & Sleep System
Other Stuff
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