The primary goal of this website, podcast and the associated social media platforms is for me to document my journey as I navigate my way towards being a better hunter, angler and outdoorsman... and to share with y'all what I learn all along the way. To offset some of the rather significant cost of running Living Country in the City, I'll do stuff like use certain affiliate links that'll make me a couple cents on the dollar if you make a purchase instead of using a link to that same website that makes me zero cents on the dollar. Other times, I may get an awesome free hat from a friend or be lucky enough to have someone pick up the lunch tab.

While I have a firm policy of only promoting products that I firmly believe in, our nannies in the federal government, in this case the FTC who have no faith in your abilities of discernment, still require me as a podcaster, blogger and social influencer wannabe to disclose any possible situations that could cause any sort bias in my recommendations. Their regulations are nearly impossible to fully comply with and would make make near everything I post a complete mess of legalese. So, for any link that I post, guest I interview, product I use, logo I wear, company I mention or positive thought I think, please assume that I'm doing so with an incredibly sinister hidden agenda and that all of the following hold true...

Images courtesy of Louis Gray and Jeannine Schafer. Thanks to Cody Rich of The Rich Outdoors Podcast for turning me on to this imagery.

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